Ultrasound Jobs

When you are interested in applying for ultrasound jobs or ultrasound technician jobs, you will need to complete a specialized training program and obtain some hands-on experience in the field. Ultrasound technicians use special machinery and equipment to capture the images of internal organs and body tissues so that a physician can find the source of a medical problem. As a trained ultrasound tech, you are responsible for taking readings from different parts of the body, sending the requested images to the doctor, and assisting with interpretation of the images. Ultrasound technician jobs are readily available at many hospitals, clinics and diagnostic imaging centers.

Many hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers offer several different types of ultrasound jobs and related positions, and some may offer on-the-job training.

Types of Ultrasound Jobs

Types of ultrasound jobs and other names for ultrasound technician jobs include:

  • Vascular technician
  • Medical instrument technician
  • Cardiothoracic imaging and radiology specialist
  • Radiologist
  • Diagnostic imaging professionals

Related jobs in this field include: radiologic technologist, nuclear medicine technologist, CT technologist, polysomnography technologist, physical therapist and occupational therapist.

Training for Ultrasound Technician Jobs

Most employers prefer to hire ultrasound techs and radiologists who are certified and have completed an accredited education program. Most ultrasound technicians need to take continuing education courses to maintain their credentials, and also to keep up with the latest advances and news related to the field.

Salaries for ultrasound technician jobs vary by location, level of training and education completed, experience and any areas of specialization. It's important that all applicants highlight any unique qualifications and experience when applying for ultrasound technician jobs. Some employers do offer full-time benefits, travel reimbursement and relocation reimbursement.

Even though some hospitals and medical centers may hire ultrasound techs with minimal training and offer some on-the-job training, candidates who receive formal training and are certified will have better job prospects in the long run. It's important for technicians to complete a training program that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP), as this type of accreditation is recognized by major employers. Some training programs do offer training in a particular specialization, and students who have completed additional coursework or training in a very specialized field may be able to command higher salaries and enjoy better job prospects throughout their careers.

In order to earn the highest possible salary in this field, ultrasound technicians must attend an accredited training center, college or university and maintain a high grade point average throughout their educational careers. Many schools and training programs require students to complete a clinical component so that they can gain enough hands-on experience in the field before they enter the workforce. Students who manage to complete an internship or other types of training during their educational careers may have better prospects for a higher salary with their first job.

Finding Ultrasound Jobs

Ultrasound technician jobs are often posted in classified ads and some are advertised at medical training schools and training centers. You can find dozens of job postings for ultrasound jobs online. Demand for qualified ultrasound technicians continues to be strong because of an increasing number of healthcare facilities, doctor's offices and clinics that need qualified technicians to work with patients and carry out important tasks at their healthcare facility. Larger hospitals and medical centers typically have a team of doctors, nurses and ultrasound techs to care for the large volume of patients.

Average salaries for ultrasound jobs depend on a number of factors, but most positions begin at around $20 per hour. The pay scale for technicians with more experience can be $30 per hour or more, depending on experience, location of the employer and other factors.